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(pi-lah ' -tees)

Developed in the 1920s by legendary physical trainer Joseph H. Pilates, Pilates is an exercise system that focuses on improving both flexibility and strength of the body without building bulk. With the current focus on core stability in fitness, Joseph Pilates could easily be considered the first to develop a system based on this concept. Not surprisingly, some of the first people to use the Pilates exercise technique were dancers such as Martha Graham and George Balanchine. Today, professional athletes, actors and actresses, and ordinary people all over the world have access to Pilates training and are able to create for themselves a sleeker, leaner look and improve their overall health and body awareness. An individual program is developed for each client based on a posture assessment, fitness goals, and rehabilitative needs.

Pilates is not just exercise but a series of controlled movements devised to engage the body and the mind. Pilates-based training can be performed on mats, in group classes, and in studio sessions. Studio sessions integrate specifically designed exercise apparatuses and are supervised by intensively trained instructors.

Pilates training is:

  • A conditioning program for the entire body.
  • Efficient exercise based on control of the body and on correct breathing.
  • Focused on the abdomen, lower back, and buttocks (the core or power center) with the goal of promoting strength, muscular harmony and balance.
  • A system in which all muscles are evenly developed and the overuse of specific muscle groups is avoided.
  • A system that increases flexibility, builds strength, and tones muscles without adding bulk.
  • Challenging and fun!

Bryan J. Peters & Associates, Inc. has operated as Houston's premier Pilates studio for more than fifteen years. Specialized programs range from remedial and rehabilitative exercise to elite athletic enhancement. World class athletes such as company members of Houston Ballet have augmented their training with custom programs developed by our highly trained and certified staff.   Appointments can be made by calling 713-621-2360, extension 205.

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