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Come experience Houston's leading Pilates fitness studio

Through a combination of Pilates studio instruction and mat classes, we strive to improve and sustain the overall performance and appearance of the body through a comprehensive exercise program.

Our goal is to counter the effects of gravity on the body by
developing individualized exercise regimens for the entire range
of clients, from beginners to the advanced. Pilates Method
exercises and other forms of training the core muscle groups
can enhance body awareness, improve flexibility, correct
posture, and result in a sense of physical and mental
well-being. Use of the Pilates Method can also be a safe
and effective tool for managing back pain associated with
the aging spine.

Bryan J. Peters & Associates, Inc. is located in
the Greenway Plaza area of central Houston.

3200 Marquart
Houston, TX 77027

© 2005 Bryan J. Peters & Associates, Inc.

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